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A Concrete, Window, Siding, and Roofing Company
       "My overall experience with Colorado Home Works was Excellent.  My favorite part of the service was the friendly people.  I would rate the craftsmanship of the installation crew as excellent.  I would recommend CHW to my friends.  I thought having all the windows replaced would be a dreadful, unpleasant experience.  Especially with 90- degree temperatures, company and my four year old!  But the crew was in and out, no hassles, it was a very positive experience and the windows look great!
Alexandra Cellers
Overall Rating:  Excellent

       "Our experience was excellent with Colorado Home Works.  The part of the service I liked the most was that they provided a "no pressure" presentation.  The installerswere very courteous, and willing to work with and around other people.  We were in the midst of a kitchen remodel, so there were lots of people on one particular day!  Les, Wes, and Dennis were all great to work with!
Maureen Gulas
Overall Rating:  Excellent
       "Our overall experience with CHW was excellent!  The part of the service we liked most was the excellent people, great job, and no cleaning for me!  The job was done well and with fast service.  Thank you very much!  I love my windows and everyone on our block likes them also.  Our Excel bill is also much lower.  Thank you again!
Ed & Brenda Schodt
Overall Rating:  Excellent
       "I thought my overall experience with CHW was good.  The part of the service that I liked the most was the installation and the clean up.  The craftsmanship and the installation was good.When I was asked if I would recommend your services i said YES!"
Dana Stirwald
Overall Rating:  Good

      "Thank you for informing me of the different types of windows when you came out.  It was very refreshing not to have a pushy sales person.  The installation of my new windows went very smoothly, they were in and out in no time.  My new windows look great and it's so nice to be able to open my windows again for fresh air.  I am very eager to see the difference in my heating bill this upcoming year."
Renee Toland
Overall Rating:  Good 

       "My experience with Colorado Home Works was excellent.  The part of the service I liked the most was the friendly service.  I was very pleased with their over all service.  I love my new windows and enjoy my lower heating costs!  They have made a big difference in my home.  Dennis worked hard and was very pleasant to have installing the windows.  I already tell my friends how great you are and reasonably priced too.  Thanks for a great job!
Carrie L. O'Kelley
Overall Rating:  Excellent
       "Thanks very much for the excellent job you did regarding my home windows installation.  I had gotten bids from a few other window companies but nobody followed through and gave me the value that you did.  The price was fair and the quality is impeccable.  I would gladly recommend your company to anyone.  We now have a sliding door that works, better security all around, and I immediately noticed the sound improvement.  We have lots of barking dogs in the neighborhood and now can barely hear them.  I will be in touch with you soon to have some other home improvements handled."
James Mathers
Overall Rating:  Good

       "My overall experience with CHW was good.  The part I liked most about the service was that it was done quickly.  The installation and craftmanship was excellent.  Yes, I would recommend CHW to friends and thank you!"
Zachary Summers
Overall Rating:  Good

       "I feel that my experience with CHW was excellent.  The part of the service I liked most was the flexibility to work around our schedule!  Jim knows his trade and is friendly.  THe craftsmanship of the installation was great.  They did a great job.  I would definately recommend Colorado Home Works to my friends and family."
Trish Bross
Overall Rating:  Excellent

       "My overall experience with CHW was excellent.  The part of the service I liked most was the craftsmanship and their attitude.  I would rate the craftsmanship of the installation crew as awesome.  Yes, I would recommend CHW to my friends."
Tony S. Martinez
Overall Rating: Excellent

       "If you are thinking about getting new windows, siding, or gutters, we highly recommend Colorado Home Works to do the job.  We gave our 30 year old home a complete face lift by doing all the above including a new garage door.  We are very happy with the products used and are extremely pleased with the job done.  The windows were the first to be installed, and what a big difference the windows made when it came to cutting outdoor sounds, plus we could tell a difference in keeping heat out.  Our air conditioner didn't kick on until late morning, and when it did we didn't hear it, we just felt the cool air.  When we sit on the patio, we have to take the phone with us because with the patio door closed we can't hear the phone ring.  Not only did the installers do a great job installing, caulking and sealing the windows, they did an excellent job cleaning up and hauling off all the old windows and trash. 
        The second step of the face lift was installing all the siding and trim.  This took several days, and we got to know the crew real well.  They worked real hard and did a fantastic job installing siding and cleaning up, for the next crew which was the gutter installers.  It only took a few hours to install the gutters.  Just like the other installers, they took pride in their job before they left.  The last step was installing the garage door, which we are very pleased with the door and the job done.
        Mark DeGeorge, owner of Colorado Home Works, stopped by often to see how the job was going.  He also stopped by after each step to make sure we were pleased with the job.  We feel we didn't just give our home a face lift by installing windows and siding, we've made our home an energy efficient home."
Mel & Betty Watkins
Overall rating:  Excellent 


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